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Raj Infotech's global footprints &  corporate headquarter at Jaipur, with its strong faith in innovation & quality pursuing the next generation business models. Raj Infotech is an upcoming software company mainly focusing in the educational field. Raj Infotech takes pride in being a global leader in the education technology sector.

At Raj Infotech, we create innovative solutions that cater to the exclusive requirements of the educational system in all regions. We recognize the tremendous responsibility of educational institutions to inspire future generations and provide with solutions that meet their unique needs at an affordable price.

Raj Infotech designs and delivers the educational software's and services that drive the next generation technologies. Raj Infotech uses its strengths in application development and database maintenance to create new revenue generating opportunities for its customers. Various softwares developed include:
Automobiles Application, Accounts, SIMS (Student Info Management System), LMS (Library Management System), PWA (Publisher Work Application), SMS (School Management System) etc..

Focus Area
Raj Infotech takes charge of the IT needs of the entire educational organizations. Through a series of strategic initiatives over, Raj Infotech has made all its client realize significant cost savings as well as remarkably improve the quality of the application estate.

Growing Complexity Of Educational Institutes
The moment we think about educational institute automation we think of multiple software's. Carefully looking at the institution we will easily conclude that a educational institute is a complete city within itself. We have functionality starting from HR to finance and a lot of other issues. From Institution inventory, accounts, examinations we have to manage a lot. So trying to implement automation individually leads us to dealing with multiple software and multiple vendors and a situation where we have basically manualised our educational institution with computers.

Stand alone software's for institutions can not only be very difficult to manage but also can add a lot of redundancy in data entry and ambiguity of information within same organization.

E.g. when a student takes admission we have to enter the name in various software that we are using like library, fee, examination section software and so on. So gradually there is a lot of redundant work in this case. On the other hand there may be a case when a student already finished his course from the institution is still reflecting in the Library software or the other software implemented for various other modules. In absence of centralized software the procedure of getting clearance from various sections for the students still remains tedious and time consuming. A properly planned single point integrated system can facilitate zero redundancy, inter module information exchange and thereby a lot of savings in the form of time and manual efforts.

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